jsPanel v4.1.0 released

jsPanel version 4.1.0 is out with the following changes:

  • added global method jsPanel.addScript() allows to add a script to the document
  • added option borderRadius applies a border radius to all for corners of a panel
  • improved panel method .smallify() regarding the handling of a panel border
  • if a mouse is used draging/resizing of a panel and all the controls are now limited to the use of the left mouse button

jsPanel v4.0.0 released

You had to wait long enough. But now it’s released … the final version of jsPanel4.

To learn all about jsPanel please visit the jsPanel homepage or jsPanel on GitHub.

On GitHub you’ll also find a changelog.

If you have any questions I might be able to help you with feel free to send me an email via the contact form. I’m always happy to help if I can. In case you have ideas for new features or improvements I’d be very happy if you share them with me.

For bug reports or similar issues please use the issues page on GitHub.

You can download jsPanel right here or from GitHub.

Happy coding, Flyer53

jsPanel v4.0.0-beta.5 released

This release fixes a few issues in

  • option dragit
  • the layout extension
  • jspanel.css (including a fix for panels using option rtl)

There also is small change in panel styling: panels don’t have a border radius anymore.

New are the following events:

  • jspaneldragstart, jspaneldrag, jspaneldragstop
  • jspanelresizestart, jspanelresize, jspanelresizestop

One more notable addition is the new extension dock

It extends the individual panels with the method .dock(). This method allows to “dock” the panel the method was called on as “slave” panel to a “master” panel. A “slave” panel will reposition together with the “master” panel if the master panel is dragged. The slave panel will also react to master panel actions like resizing, maximizing, minimizing and smallifying. Closing a master panel will also close the slave panel. If needed you may dock several slave panels to a master panel.


General informations:

The jsPanel website is now available via https

For a final release of jsPanel version 4 I don’t plan to add any more features. Unless bugs come up that need to be fixed I’m pretty confident that this beta release is the last one.

Happy coding,

Stefan (Flyer53)